Hello, I'm Kay.


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I am obsessed with intermittent fasting, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle that is just right for me. My family and my brand are my most favorite things. I created Good Girl Gone OMAD to be the go-to resource for you to achieve health, happiness, and confidence in a world that is constantly telling us to eat more, do more, be more. This is where I share all of my best advice and research, and you can get to know more about me too.  So... 

This all started when…

In a not-so-distant past I became "that girl". I was that girl that tried all of the diets on the market over the span of six hard years. The results just were not outweighing the rewards. One day it hit me like a ton of bricks, that the one thing that I've yet to try is not eating and I've been practicing ever since. I've come to understand intermittent fasting as a powerful tool to help you feel like the best version of yourself. The "not eating part" is just a small piece of a much bigger picture.

My mission is to bring an aura of empowerment to fasting for women and to build a community around what could seem like a very isolated journey.

I, honestly, want to help you stop feeling controlled by food by giving you the knowledge you need to get some happiness and wholeness in your life without being disappointed in yet another dieting fad. I know that feeling oh-so well.

I’ve spent over a decade fine-tuning my perception of food and wellness by creating a life of confidence and acceptance towards myself. I bounced all over the diet-fads to see what would save me from the madness. It all came full circle when I found and practiced intermittent fasting in 2017. When I realized the power of intermittent fasting was my path to all the goals and wishes I had for my health, the game was forever changed.

You'd think the concept of simply “not eating” would be... simple.

As I became more curious to learn everything I could about fasting the information out there was sparse, unorganized and inconsistent. I read a lot of books and published articles, watched videos, took notes and put ideas into action which I'm documenting it all here. 

I created Good Girl Gone OMAD because I want you to become your own game changer. I care about you, your access to the right information and your journey to loving yourself. I am committed to getting you results so that you can transform your restrictions into opportunities and celebrate your body for the powerhouse that it is.

We are going to change our forever! Let's do this!


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