005: Top 5 Hurdles of Intermittent Fasting

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If you’ve ever seen the movie Fight Club, you’re about to start living it… minus the bruises. If you’ve never seen it, you should because it is genius. The rules are similar. The first rule of Good Girl Gone OMAD is: you don’t talk about Good Girl Gone OMAD. Why? Once you start talking about it, you’re going to sound like a psycho. Have you ever tried to explain fasting to some one who isn’t close to the idea. 


They are going to be shocked, they won’t understand it and they definitely won’t understand why you are volunteering to go with out food for any length of time. But what if you start coming around your friends and family and you look more healthy and fit. I’m sure they’ll acknowledge the “new you” but once you tell them how you’re getting these results they will assume the worst and start to think you’ve gone crazy. They may say things like “Why do you have to fast? Why not just lower your calories instead?” They can’t comprehend why you’d want to develop your body in this way because they’ve seen other people accomplish similar success without going to the extreme of fasting. I’m a believer that most times it’s not the messenger that’s wrong its the ears of the listener. This is the reason why you don’t talk about Good Girl Gone OMAD. So why do we talk about it, because rules are meant to be broken, got it? *wink*

While on my personal journey of fasting, I noticed patterns of hurdles that were happening to me and I want to share with you the top 5 barriers that you might encounter on your journey so that you can be on the look out for them and know how to handle yourself : 

  1. Hunger- When you are first starting to fast, you are going to learn what it truly feels like to be hungry. Hunger pains are going to hit you from every angle. Just the sheer idea of you not being able to eat whenever you feel like it is going to feel foreign to your body. The sound of your stomach growling is going to be louder than fireworks on the Fourth of July. I mentioned this in my previous episode where i y’all about everything that’s going on in your body during fasting...The body doesn’t want to be hungry. It will do everything it can to maintain homeostasis, maintain what it knows as normal. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not. Every one has experienced this and trust me you will get to a point where you no longer feel those sensations. The more consistent you are with fasting, the less hungry you’re going to feel overtime. One of the benefits of fasting is that it normalizes your ghrelin levels. Gherlin is the hormone that tells your brain that you you need to eat. It's the hunger hormone. So, I'm sure you are thinking that the only way to tame the ghrelin-hunger hormone when it gets out of wack is to eat so that you decrease the production of ghrelin but that isn't the solution. This notice of starvation mode always fires me up because most information that you'll read online will say that not eating with increase your appetite so much that you will overeat ... and that is true to an extent. So if you don't eat after 3, 6, or 8 hours, guess what you are going to be hungry. But have you been around some one that fasts, that hasn't eaten in 16, 20, 24 hours... we are not starving! We are no less, or no more hungry than some one that simply missed a snack. The world will have you thinking that if you don't give into your hunger that you will become ravenous but what they fail to tell you is what is on the other side of that hunger... if you're able to outlast atlast that hunger pain. Let me tell you what else ghrelin is responsible for: *It stimulates the release of the growth hormone, which is crucial to cell regeneration, growth and maintaining healthy human tissue by breaking down fat and building muscle. So back to hunger, overtime you will adapt to you this normal of eating which will feel less and less foreign the more that you do it and will get hungry out of need and not out of habit.

  2. Discipline- Any body that tries fasting, no matter what method, deserves a standing ovation. There is a certain quality of discipline that we have that not everyone else shares and I just want you to be proud of that if you practice intermittent fasting. It takes a special type of determination to go through periods of not eating when our entire culture revolves around eating food. There may be moments when you feel weak and feel like you are not going to make it food is all around us, whether its a vending machine, fast food restaurant, grocery store, convenience store, restaurant apps, meal delivery service... I mean everywhere we turn we are confronted with eating. So the challenge to stay consistent is heavy. My beacon of light has always been that this is a lifestyle change that goes against the norm. Nobody is going to cradle us in, and hold our hand and protect us from the temptations of food. You are going to have to develop an iron-will if you think about making this your new normal. It is not going to be easy, nothing worth it really is. But just know that you are doing something that feels uncomfortable right now but the long term benefits are so insane that I would be crazy not to continue. And if you fall off the wagon it's ok to jump back on. Don't beat yourself up, if you fall off, come on back to us girl.

  3. Negativity- Let's talk about negativity. People will discourage you. They hear that you are fasting, and they think that you are starving yourself. Because in their minds, you are taking severely desperate measures to meet your goals. And that’s when their medical expertise shows out and you hear things like ‘You’re going to make yourself sick’ or ‘Your body is going to hold on to anything you eat’. They may even say you’re in a cult and my personal favorite is that "we are training for the apocolypse" They best way to deal with negativity is to do your best to avoid it. Do your best to avoid and hold on to the people that get it. Not everybody is going to get it, even if you are dropping serious weight and you just posted the best photo of your life... people will be nasty, they are going to whisper, they are going to talk all types of crap, "well you know she only eats one cracker a day". Another thing I will say is to never explain yourself. If some one is genuinely interested in what you are doing, you know who they are... then feel free to tell them but then there are those "friends" who are just fishing around for information so they can judge you. So don't feel like you have to explain yourself. This is something I've lived by the majority of my life because... well I'm weird, I'm different, I think I'm all that, I'm bougie, I'm street, I'm quiet, I'm ghetto, I'm intellectual, I'm ratchet... I really don't fit in a box, you get it? So the moment I feel like people around me are just fishing for information, I get real quiet and will remove myself. Aside from fasting, do this for your own sanity. Get around people that just get you. They don't have to be like you and love everything that you do... but life is much more beautiful when you are around people that get you, without negativity and judgment.

  4. Enablers- It surely makes fasting a hell of a lot easier when our friends and family support us but that is not always going to be the case. Honestly, I think it is because they don’t know how to support us. It's not their fault, they don't know what to say, they don't know what to do. The concept may be so foreign to them and they aren’t sure what to do. They don't know whether to invite out or offer us food. I cover this exact topic in detail in my previous episode on how not to be socially awkward while intermittent fasting. I honestly believe it's more awkward for them to socialize with us than the other way around. The owness is on us to help make people comfortable with our new lifestyle so try not to get upset if people can’t empathize with your journey. You can join me and the other Good Girls Gone OMAD on my Instagram page if you need to plug in with like-minded ladies.

  5. Maintenance- Have you ever thought about what you’ll do after Intermittent Fasting? Maybe you are wanting to lose 8lbs, 10lbs, maybe 30lbs...Once you hit your weight goal, then what? I’ll tell you. You keep going! Again, fasting is a lifestyle not a diet that you try and quit. The health benefits of fasting (link) rival any diet out there that extend beyond just weight loss. You'll normalize your insulin levels which is key in managing your weight and glucose levels, increase your HGH production that helps burn fat and gain muscle mass, and very important is autophagy, which is reversing the aging process by helping to clean out old and weak cellular parts. The obvious answer is that YES you would continue on with the fasting method that got you the results in the first place. I plan on doing this for years to come. Are you thinking of doing the same? I hope so.


These are merely just a few roadblocks that I have observed and I know that you can get over. A healthy an active lifestyle is not easy path. If it was then everyone would have their ideal body. Congratulations to you for living life on your own terms. You got this girl! 



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