004: How Not To Be Socially Awkward


Hey Girls. I hope you having a gorgeous day! Today is going to be a bit different than my previous episodes because today I’m doing my first mini-sode. That’s just a mash up of the words ‘mini’ and ‘episode’. Not every topic I have for you all needs to be super structured, sometimes I just wanna chat! And that’s what this is. Leave a comment or feedback about this topic or about the minisode idea itself. Let’s get into it. 

Congratulations on making intermittent fasting apart of your lifestyle.

Whether you’ve been practicing the 16:8 method, the Warrior Method, 5:2. congrats! Maybe you’ve been going at this thing for a few days, or even weeks and you’re starting to realize that EVERYTHING revolves around food. Everything… meetings, outings, gatherings, driving… it seems like everywhere you turn, food is present and it’s never at a convenient time. 

I used to feel that way… it wasn’t until I started doing the Warrior Method, going 20 hours without eating that I noticed that most of my relationships revolved around food. Honestly, anytime you change your health or fitness lifestyle for the better it always seems like all types of obstacles start popping out of the woodworks. So how do you survive an IF lifestyle without avoiding all events and locking yourself in a room until it’s time to for you to eat?

… Ok, that’s a bit extreme, but let me tell you all some quick tips for not being awkward about it.

Take it from me, the majority of my week I float between going 20 - 24 hours without eating. I know it can be tough when you’re around family, friends, clients and coworkers and as they dive into their food, and you can feel the stares because they are wondering why you’re not eating. Well, let me tell you the first tip is 

#1) Don’t think of fasting as a restriction. The only thing saying that you “can not” eat is you. Fasting is not a restriction diet, it is in fact, an ‘eating duration’ pattern for eating. Ah! Doesn’t that feel better? I hope that helps take the pressure off a bit because this is truly customizable to fit your social schedule. You could actually tailor your meals around connecting with your people or you can chose to eat with them and start your fasting directly after that meal. Intermittent fasting is so flexible because it is not a “diet plan” it is a lifestyle, so let it work for you and try not to be so uptight about the exact minute and second that you don’t eat. 

#2 Try fasting during the week, allow yourself more flexibility on the weekends… which is when you’re likely to go out more and have a more spontaneous schedule. Then start back Monday morning or which ever day that feels a bit more routine. This is how I started off on IF. I actually eat a lot less on Saturday and Sunday but that’s because I’m on-the-go more but when I eat is totally unplanned. I don’t get hung up on keeping track of time on Saturday and Sunday because… hey! it’s the weekend but starting on Monday, I’m right back at it. Now, let’s say for example I have an event or a dinner to attend on Saturday, I will make the extra effort to fast during the day so that I can still enjoy my night out and still complete my fasting windows. I will tell you that IF and alcohol don’t mix, so be careful… listen to my previous episode called: What’s Going On In Your Body During Intermittent Fasting for an embarrassing story on how I found out that little fact!

#3 Timing is everything. I’m not saying to keep a secret but if you are first starting out and food temptation is an issue for you, you may want to avoid telling people. They may not know how to support you and will offer you food. Also, pick the right time to share with people. At the restaurant, sitting at the table, while everyone is ordering their entrees is NOT the time to say “HEY, I’m fasting!” 

You might sound crazy to everyone else trying to explain yourself away with, “Hey, I’m intermittent fasting and I have certain times that I eat, sometimes I go 16 hours without eating…so even though I ate earlier, I can’t eat now and I won’t eat for another 8 hours and…” Don’t look crazy! So what do you do? Let me save you the awkwardness and just be honest and say, “I’m not hungry”. That’s it. Leave it at that. If you were smart enough to plan your meal before your outing then this isn’t a lie, you “could” eat but you don’t indulge. You’re not hungry. Or what you could also do it… eat! And just adjust your fasting windows afterwards. Again, try to remain flexible because life happens. 

So give yourself time in order to navigate social scenes. This was a quick minisode for GGGO. Until next time, bye for now.


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