014: The Fountain of Youth is Intermittent Fasting

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Some people think its water, some think it’s inside a bottle of lotion. Maybe it’s exercise, or sex or love or food. I think that it is a combination of all of those things, yet none of them at the same time. Hold on, I’ll explain. Keep listening because today we are going to look at the anti-aging benefits of intermittent fasting and why I’m calling it the ultimate fountain of youth. 

I first want to start off by saying, in no way am I promoting anti-aging from a superficial beauty sense. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder however I don’t think it’s healthy for us to be as obsessed as we’ve become regarding aging. I mean aging is natural, it’s apart of life. It’s apart of wisdom and learning but aging has now become this negative thing. Nobody wants to age and everybody wants to look like a baby.

Some how, we have distilled anti-aging down to drinking collagen powder and using creams to spackle on our faces. Really? One powder or one cream isn’t going to cure all signs of aging and I hate to break it to y’all but downing triple digit numbers of water isn’t the cure either. If that’s the case, I think facial creams and water are severely underpriced, they should be charging $700 an ounce. 

If you’re into anti-aging, I’m not poking fun at you, if you tried any method to get that look, I was there too! I used to think slathering on lotions and heavy creams was going to be the key to my anti-aging woes… needless to tell you, that didn’t work. The only thing it effected was my bank account. 

Another thing that we do are detoxes. There are so many juice cleanses and detox programs out there. People are obsessed with them, they swear by them, especially in the summer when vacations are at an all time high, during the winter holidays after we pig out at the Christmas parties and get ready for New Years… pretty much year round we are looking to do some type of detox. Have you tried any before? Were you happy with the results? Did the results last? Or which anti-aging methods have you tried before? Leave me a message on either Instagram or Facebook and let me know.

But you all know me by now, I am very inquisitive. I take nothing at face value… so you have to ask yourself, in order to be concerned about anti-aging you have to first acknowledge that you are aging. So when do we start aging? I mean, when is it appropriate to start selling anti-aging products. When do we move into the “aging” phase? When do we even bring up the topic? Is it 20s, 30, 40s, 50s? You wanna know my answer… as soon as we are conceived. As soon as you are conceived, you enter in the aging process. That’s when it starts, You’re  born, you celebrate your birth day, BOOM, you’re aging.

Every second that passes you are a second older. Let that sink it. So when is it ok to start thinking of anti-aging. Obviously, as soon as you are born. As soon as you are born, your mother and father can set you up for future success of anti-aging. But we don’t do that here. We wait, until I think our 30s or 40s, to start talking anti-aging. By then, it may be a little late. If you’re listening and you’re in the beauty industry, can you leave me a message on why do we wait decades to start talking about this aging stuff?

So, if you start aging at conception, then the #1 cause of aging are cells. My philosophy is that we have to keep our cells at their healthiest, just like we do our diets to make sure we aren’t causing more damage than necessary, especially the younger we are.

Unfortunately we’ve created a world where aging is the enemy and we have to fight it, by any means necessary. But I think it’s so funny because we have some great examples on Earth of people that live well into their hundreds and they look great and move around as if they weren’t old. But there is no one doing an exceptional job at it. Like, there is no one walking about that’s, let’s say 98 years old but looks 16. So trying to stay young forever is humanly impossible. What I’d like for us to do as a whole, is slow down the process of inflammation. 

When it comes to anti-aging the best thing you can do for your body is to not eat all the time! Intermittent fasting Because in the absence of food, your cells will eat it’s own cells, this process is called autophagy. Sounds gross doesn’t it. But trust me, this is something that you want. When your cells are old, damaged, weak, autophagy will help break them down to generate new cell growth.

This is our body’s natural elimination process, our own natural detox. I get a lot of people that ask me if they should detox before starting intermittent fasting, as like in preparation of IF and I’m like, why would you want to do that?! Intermittent fasting is detoxing!

The meaning of autophagy literally translates in to self eating. It a nutshell, your body is basically eating itself, starting with the dead cells first. Do you ever wonder what happens to our old cells? Do you even think about stuff like that? No worries, I do all that for you. As we get older and we are exposed to more stress… we have environmental stressors, nutrient deficiencies, viral and bacteria invasions in our bodies, family and friends stressing us out, i’m kidding… slightly… our cells are becoming damaged at a faster rate. Autophagy is the most powerful tool that we have towards “anti-aging” and health. It is your body’s own technique to house cleaning. It cleans out the cells that are damaged and no longer functional. 

What you should know is that our bodies were made for this type of environment but since the introduction of refrigerators, delivery services, apps, vending machines, grocery stores, drive thrus… all the conveniences we have readily available to us today. Not really what you eat, but constant eating is probably the most dangerous thing you can do in life.

Autophagy literally identifies the weakest links of the cell and helps to clear out all of that garbage. Garbage being infections, toxins, disease-causing pieces. This is important because you don’t want those old cells lingering around. They’ll end up contributing to inflammation and may cause diseases and other debilitating health conditions like cancer and like Parkinson’s. 

I know this might sound scary or maybe even crazy but autophagy is your body’s way of surviving. It a process that has to happen to prevent all sorts of diseases. So where anti-aging comes in is that it helps use damaged pieces of your cells to help make new ones. Its literally your body’s recycling process. 

So if autophagy helps prevent these diseases and slow down the aging process then in my honest opinion, the definition of aging is the loss of production of autophagy in your body. Aging is basically the collection of junky, garbage, trashy cells in your body. 

So when it comes to fasting and the reason why fasting for autophagy works for anti-aging is that you can’t increase the autophagy process without reducing your insulin spikes. Let me say that one more time for the people in the back. You can’t increase the autophagy process without reducing your insulin spikes. And if you have no idea why I’m talking about insulin in this episode and how it links to fasting and why it is one of the major keys to success with intermittent fasting or if your knowledge about fasting is only limited to calories or reduced calories, that’s ok. Check out my episode #3: What Goes On In Your Body During Intermittent Fasting where I talk about all the innerworkings that happens while you’re intermittent fasting. 

Back to autophagy, when you eat you are significantly reducing autophagy, whether you are snacking, grazing or even full meals, your body can not do both at the same time. It can’t focus on digesting food and clearing out old cells at the same time. 

Intermittent fasting is the most efficient way to fight aging because fasting increases autophagy. Autophagy is ignited when your cells are starved of nutrients, meaning you’re not eating. Your cells are starving, the only time I like to use the word starving. Your cells are looking for ways to replenish the amino acids that are lost when you fast. Those amino acids are then used to provide energy to your cells. So that’s actually interesting, isn’t it because this is a theory that flies in the face of the whole eat more so that you can speed up your metabolism or also know as, starving yourself will slow down your metabolism. Neither of them are correct, we are bio-hacking the aging process. Studies have actually proven that cells produce more energy in absence of food, which is metabolic autophagy. 

Intermittent fasting is just one way to activate autophagy, its the one way that I’ll talk about on this episode but exercise is another way.

And let me say this. 

You’ve heard me mention this before because I talk about a lot health and minimizing stress but I also believe in healthy stresses, like fasting and exercise. 

Now, let’s consider this… hang in there and follow me for a minute. Many people talk of fasting and exercise as if they are mutually exclusive, for example, if you’re fasting you can’t work out or if you’re working out you shouldn’t be fasting. I actually have a crazy hunch that the two should be linked together and co-exist, harmoniously of course . I think that fasting strengthens you as an active human being. If you consider this notion of autophagy as an anti-aging technique, wouldn’t it make sense that as you continue to fast, your body would start to perform like a younger version of you because now you are filled with new, regenerated cells.

It is said but not proven that autophagy starts to occur at hour number 12 of intermittent fasting. That’s it. However, it is often promoted that extended fast are a guaranteed way to increase autophagy.


Don’t go anywhere, before I make this announcement. I want to say that in order to up-regulate autophagy, you don’t need a whole lot. 12 hours, 16 hours. You don’t need some radical fasting methods or times or particular foods. I try to mention this as often as I can because I think it’s important. The results I share with you on Instagram and on Facebook are predominantly from me doing 16:8. It’s just proof, that you don’t have to be elaborate to be success but…

this will be a fun one… so with this episode, I am excited to announce my first 3 day extended fasting challenge for all of my listeners and followers. 

Ok, listen because I’m sure that a few of you are out there listening and thinking, I can’t do 3 days Kay. Well, yes you can, I know you can. I wouldn’t invite you to the fasting party if I didn’t think you could make it. 

The 3 day fast will be begin on Sunday, June 15 at 5pm EST and end on Tuesday, June 18 at 5pm EST. Now in order to be accounted for and to have some accountability, go to Facebook, search Good Girl Gone OMAD and join the private group. You should do that today.

You have plenty of time to prepare yourself and get your mind together but I don’t want you to miss out, so joining the Facebook group will help keep everything contained. For my Instagram family, that will never cross over to Facebook, don’t worry, what I need you to do is turn on your notifications so that you don’t miss any posts leading up to the big day. I’ll be posting and offering my best tips to make sure that we all make it successfully. I know sometimes, we need that extra push, that person thats counting on you, that person thats going to cheer you on… 

I know for me that it really helps, when I have relatable people around me. Some one that is a mom, has a kid or 2, works full time, has an extended commute, is involved, prioritizes working out… I know you’re out there and aside from flying myself to your doorstep and knocking food out of your hand, this is the next best thing. So are you with me? I’m going to be right there doing this with you. June 15! I can’t wait.

Listen, after this episode, you now have the motivation you need to see it all the way through. This is obviously much bigger than just going without food or restricting calories or even another day doing 16:8. You have a lot more to gain from fasting and cleaning out old cells, those damaged part, those wrinkled bits. Of course, I wanna make sure that you’re seeing those pounds drop on that scale but also, I care about your overall health and well being and want to make sure you are set up to fight any other potential diseases. Think about if you’ve never done this process at all, think about all of the toxins and damaged cells that have accumulated in your body so far. It’s kinda nasty.

One more point, as if you need another reason to complete this 3 day fast with me, you should know that substantial amounts of money and research efforts are being spent to develop pharmaceutical drugs that can stimulate autophagy. Let that sink in for a moment… It is clear that our culture, for quite sometime is obsessed with feeling young and looking younger. There is money to be made if they can figure out a way to sell you a quick drug which I’m guessing is going to come at a huge price premium. Who knows? A hundred dollars, a couple hundred dollars, a few thousand… they will do it. And it won’t take much to convince that you or the masses that you can’t fast and that you shouldn’t do fasting, but a pill is ok… yeah ok! So fast now, while it’s free. 

None of us can stop time, but least we can use time to get the most out of life. That’s why we’re here. So go to Facebook and Instagram and get involved, trust me intermittent fasting is definitely not a passive sport and I’ll see you on June 15.

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Kay Williams