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The Mission

In a world that is constantly telling us to do more, be more and eat more, Good Girl Gone OMAD is a destination to learn more about your health and wellness through intermittent fasting. The mission is to bring an aura of empowerment to fasting that will help build a community around what could seem like a very isolated journey.


Fasting Tips For Newbies

The first tip I can give any one beginning intermittent fasting is that you are not going to starve. Your body is going to tap into your fat and calorie reserve for energy. Below are a few more tips to help you become successful.


Start with a 12-16 fast. To reach 16 hours, most people stop eating at 8pm and start eating at 12noon. Sleeping counts.


Hunger pains, stomach rumbles and thoughts of food are all normal in the beginning but you should never feel sick, faint or dizzy.


While fasting you drinking water, coffee, tea and other beverages. Just be careful because sugar can break your fast.


Fasting ain’t easy. It may feel challenging to continue to fast and have a social life, family life, work and exercise but it is so worth it.


“Food is the cure and the curse. It’s time we stop normalizing our accessibility to food”

KAY DORELUS  |  Founder


Health Coaching

Your mindset impacts your relationship with food, your commitment to working out and your habits that either keep you stuck or move you forward. I believe that health is your birth right, and it should be easy. But you shouldn’t be bogged down or stressed out in your pursuit of a healthy life. It should feel intuitive and effortless no matter what your starting point is.

Being healthy is not about cleaning out your fridge or signing up for a gym membership. Being healthy should feel like a fun night out with friends, a delicious meal with your family, like a trip to the spa or a quiet moment to yourself. It should be fulfilling and it should fit within your life. If you’ve spent the better parts of your life trying to force-fit a diet or a work out program around your schedule, then you know how miserable it is and how unsuccessful it can be. Now imagine how different it will feel when you’re living a healthy lifestyle designed around you. Your schedule. Your tastebuds. Your life.

So what that means is… Never repeating another year of starting over. Finally, you’ll be able to live a life of progress. You’ll master how you eat and your physical activity so efficiently, so you can free up your time to do things you want to do. Waking up full of confidence and awareness, love and positive energy is the experience you get when working with me. A healthy lifestyle should look like ‘peace’ topped with ‘freedom’. That’s why you’re here. That’s why I’m here.

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